Mostly, I write scripts for television, because that’s what I’d most like to do for money! I’ve got some specs for existing shows, as well as a few original pilots! I would love to share these scripts with you, but, I’d rather not release all my hard work out into the internet to be stolen without at least making people ask for it. So drop me a line if you’d like to read anything! I’ve included some concept art done by talented friends Madeline Dowling, Abram Rabinowitz, and Jamie Walsh. Thanks guys!

The North
Single Camera TV Series
Hour long action series
It’s: Mad Max meets Deadwood with a dash of Fallout
Available Material: Pilot scirpt.

In the year 438 A.C. (After Civilization), the area once known as Ottawa is now the sun-bleached desert of North Wisconsin. The series opens following Tisch Taylor, a seven-foot tall, reptilian-eyed badass muscle-for-hire, riding an incredible cyber-punk motorcycle into the town of New Oaxaca, and from there, things get progressively more and more dangerous. In a world full of different nefarious forces, The North follows a few key characters caught in an interlocking web of violence the connects some of the oldest and most powerful forces in all the wasteland. In the pilot episode, we meet Ahbwan Martinez, a monk dressed in ancient Seattle Mariners garb, who saves Tisch’s life, a pair of terrifying police officers known only as Red and Blue, and a murderous eleven year old girl known as “the world’s last assassin”. Part action blockbuster, part snarky sci-fi humor, The North aims to pair the brutality of Game of Thrones with a dry wit.

Single Camera TV Series
Half hour dramedy
It’s Bojack Horseman meets The Walking Dead
Available Material: Pilot script, Pitch-Pilot Short Film Script

LAAAA imagines a world where zombies, mummies, draculas, and werewolves live amongst us, and it’s no big deal. In fact, rather than causing panic or war, the undead have mostly integrated into society, with lots of them turning to the entertainment industry, including our hero, Gary. Gary’s a twenty-something Julliard-educated actor living in Los Angeles who starts the series on the verge of a creative breakdown. Years of playing caricatures of his own people on film have left Gary bitter about show biz. Meanwhile his roommate, a screenwriter mummy, is making a ton of money writing “undeadxplotation films” much to his own moral chagrin, and their friend the super sexy vampire Victoria has to decide how much sex she’s willing to sell. Ultimately, the show aims to use undead characters as a tool to explore the lives of minorities in hollywood while also allowing for unique  effects driven comedy.

Thirty Two Forty
Single Camera TV Series, Half hour comedy
It’s: Girls meets Workaholics
Available Material: Pilot script and show bible.

Deborah is a wealthy young socialite who also happens to be a complete weirdo art freak with friends from all walks of life. But, because of her disability (she's confined to a wheelchair), her parents will only allow her to move into a posh Chicago apartment if she lives with a group of people who can support her, physically and emotionally. This is how Deborah managed to move in with three dudely-dudes in their twenties: a sardonic comedian, a party-hearty rocker, and the world’s kindest scientist. Set against the backdrop of mink stoles and foreign ambassadors that populate the stately building known as “thirty two forty”, they’re a disaster waiting to happen.

Single Camera TV Series, Half hour comedy
It’s: Broad City meets How To Make It In America
Available Material: Pilot script

Sean and Annie, recent college graduates, are best friends and a comedy duo. They pack their lives up into Sean’s Subaru and move into the wilds of Chicago, to pursue improv comedy just like all their heroes. They quickly discover that being a broke kid in the big city is, on it’s own, borderline impossible, to say nothing of the challenges of “making it”. Only their incredible friendship, and the support of a few critical new friends and neighbors, can keep their dream alive. Part sit-com, part report from the front-lines of the improv wars, and part sketch comedy show, “BITS” aims to swing to hit real truths of growing up just as hard as it hits big silly bits about being a comedian.

Sacalo Con Take It Easy, USA!
Single camera web series
It's: Between Two Ferns meets Portlandia
Available Material: Self-produced pilot episode, as well as two additional spec scripts.

Sacalo Con Take It Easy, USA aims to be the world's first internet late night talk show... whatever that is. Host Luis Jimenez climbs aboard his brightly colored scooter and blasts around Los Angeles, exploring the city’s hotspots while hosting the show as best as his limited English allows. Besides Luis’s unique take on the talk show monologue, each episode features a sketch and an interview different celebrity guest, all in three minutes or less.

Robbie’s Burger Bar
Spec Script for FOX’s Bob’s Burgers
Half hour animated series
Available Material: Spec Script

The episode starts with the Burger family settling in for a family movie night. But, when Bob chooses a four hour long, ultra-violent war epic, the effects are far reaching. Exhausted from trying to stay up and watch the film, the next day, the whole family is quite literally asleep at the grill (except Louise, whose unhealthy obsession with the film has taken her “off the reservation”.). The sleepy family manages to deliver an exceptionally terrible experience to a new, young customer which he perceives as “ironically bad”, and therefore amazing! Suddenly, the restaurant is bursting at the seams with people clamoring for an authentically terrible experience. Mr. Fishodor takes notice, and before Bob knows what’s happening, he and Mr. Fishodor are business partners in the newly renamed “Robbie’s Burger Bar”. Bob and the family will have to meet a whole new set of challenges… all while Louise goes increasingly deeper off the deep end and into a Brando-esque madness.

All The People In Your Neighborhood
Spec Script for FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Half hour live action comedy
Available Material: Spec script

Peralta and Diaz are go undercover as a husband and wife bartender team in order to try and catch a notorious IRA criminal. Meanwhile, Amy’s brown-nosing is punished by having to assist Boyle in going door-to-door selling tickets to the policemen’s ball. While Peralta gets a little too interested in his undercover identity, Diaz discovers that the criminals in their scope might be more dangerous than they initially expected. Both pairs of detectives will have to learn to connect with the everyday citizens of Brooklyn to solve their respective cases.